Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So tired!

It's very quiet here in the Lawrence house.  Both kids are taking naps.  I know that I just posted about eliminating Scotty's nap, but he was so tired today that I had to let him take a nap.  He was tired yesterday at 4:30pm.  But he did go to bed really well.  Hopefully tonight will go ok too.  I had him go to sleep at 12pm so that will give him more time between waking up and bedtime.  Poor guy.  It's not easy adjusting to changing sleep needs.  Maybe we'll try naps on some days but not others.  He will be starting preschool soon which is Tues & Thurs from 12pm-2pm so he will be missing naps on those days.  I'll have to start training him to miss those naps just like our mom's used to make us start waking up early before school started in the fall!  For now, I'm going to enjoy the silence!