Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lagoon party

We went to the annual Transcript Lagoon party on July 24th and had lots of fun. We invited Scotty's cousin Urban along and his dad decided to come too and we had a great time together. The boys loved all the rides and weren't scared on any of them this year. We even went on the scarier kid rides and they both loved them! The lines weren't very long and that was so nice. We even got on the train in a few minutes versus 30-60 minutes in years past. They loved the bumper cars, the boats, the train and the little track cars the most. And they found a kid sized drinking fountain which was high on the list of favorite things!

We spent quite a bit of time taking turns drinking from the little fountain!

Getting ready to go on the kid sized Tidal Wave ride- which was a lot of fun!

Waiting patiently- they almost got the hang of it by the end of the day!

Away they go!


john - and - aim said...

how fun! you need to do a slideshow and post ALL the pictures, because these are so cute. Scotty & Urban are adorable! Glad you had so much fun :o)