Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is 2009! Our New Year's Eve festivities went pretty much as planned: put the kids to bed on time and watched tv! Although we did go to dinner with my dad and then Miles went up to play games with his brothers around 10pm. I stayed home and watched a few episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. We are party animals!
At dinner we were waiting for our food to come and the waitress brought someone a drink refill. Scotty sees her leave, stands up and yells loudly "Where's my grilled cheese?" No mention was made to him that he shouldn't really yell in a restaurant because we were all laughing too hard! Then when we were almost done Grant dropped a plate on the floor and it crashed loudly and broke. It was the perfect way for us to end the year!


The Zen Chemist said...

Admit it, there have been many times you feel like yelling about your food too. I know I do.

Lori said...

Yes, and on this particular night it was taking a very long time, so we were glad he was yelling!

Mel said...

Haaa haaa! It never stops!!