Wednesday, December 31, 2008


After many attempts I was finally able to upload some pictures. After all that waiting they don't seem very exciting, but my kids are always cute to look at!
I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve. We'll be putting the kids to bed on time and watching tv- exciting, huh?? Then it will be on to the task of un-decorating. Why is it that the Christmas tree looks festive and beautiful at the beginning of December but looks tacky and weird at the end of December??

That big grin is for a very prized gift!

Grant has so much fun with this thing. He puts the gumballs in the top and screams! We did find out that little cars and a slinky just get stuck in there instead of going around and coming out the bottom!

He's excited to start cutting down all those trees we have around here!

I'm sure glad we had this chainsaw because that wrapping paper was tough!

Huh? What do you say is going on today?


Cyndi said...

Our New Years plans sound exactly the same... yeah for growing up and having little ones that we don't want to have out all night in the freezing cold.