Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner with the Missionaries

We were able to feed the missionaries on Saturday night. We don't get the opportunity to feed them very often, so when it's our ward's turn we try to have them over. It's so different from my mission and Miles' mission. They serve the whole Valley View stake plus two wards in the North stake. Miles and I only served in one ward at a time and so we would really get to know the members well. We know it is good to have the missionaries in our home to set a good example for our boys. Scotty was really excited for them to come. He was downstairs cleaning up when they got here and then when he came upstairs he became totally shy and wouldn't even look at them! Grant was excited to show them his toys and to growl like a dinosaur at them! Elder Nelson is from Alaska and Elder Roley is from Washington. They were nice, fun Elders and we had a good dinner. Scotty got pretty silly after while. He wanted to tell them things but would tell me to tell them for him. We asked him what missionaries do and he yelled out "Nothing!!" They got a good laugh from that. When they were ready to give their spiritual message Grant came over and was stinky, Collin was screaming and Scotty was tying to sneak off to play. A normal evening for our house. They gave a message about the importance of the scriptures and then gave us a Book of Mormon and challenged us to give it out to someone we know. Now we have to decide who to give it to. Any takers??