Monday, February 1, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

For Family Home Evening tonight we had a lesson about being happy. (It was the perfect lesson because today was not a very happy day in the Lawrence household!) After I gave the lesson Scotty said he wanted to give us a lesson. He has done this before and it has been about driving the forklift at the Transcript, aliens, etc etc. Tonight he gave us a lesson about how important the scriptures are and how we should read them everyday. He said that we learn about what Jesus wants us to do in them. It was really cute. We haven't been doing too well about family scripture reading, so it was a good reminder from our 4yr old about what we need to do. So, of course, after FHE we read our scriptures! When it was Scotty's turn he had the word Jerusalem and after he said it he exclaimed- "Yeah, just like Collin drools on some!" Miles and I looked at each other and burst out laughing! Funny boy!

This picture is cute because Scotty wanted me to play trains but I told him that it is too hard for Mommy to walk around the train table driving a train. (Believe me- I've tried! It's not made for adults.) So he came up with the idea of making me my very own train track to play with on the floor. He's so nice to his old Mommy!


Geri said...

That is funny. It took me a minute but it was good!

Mel said...

Cute! Urban cleaned Nathan's and my room yesterday.

All of the clothes that were folded on the bed were put into the dirty laundry.

It's the thought that counts!