Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scotty's celebrations

The birthday celebrations are over! It seems like he had a week long birthday party! Urban was in town and he got to do lots of fun things with him. Aunt Mel, Uncle Nate, Urban and Mekhi took Scotty bowling on his birthday. Then they did a fun scavenger hunt for him to find his present- a Star Wars Storm Trooper costume that he loves and has worn almost everyday since then! We went to McDonald's for dinner on his big day and then came home and had ice cream sandwiches (his choice- he loves them!) and sang to him. Then on Saturday we had his big party at Chuck E Cheese's. His grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins came and everyone had a good time. (Both of his brothers were sick, so they and Daddy had to miss the party- bummer.) Thanks for hosting the party Grandma Kath and Grandpa Scott! We have had a lot of fun with him and he loves being 5 years old. He didn't like getting his shots at his doctor check up, but he has been telling everyone that he got his "first kindergarten shots" so I guess he's proud. We were surprised that he had some trouble with the vision screening. We had no idea that he might have trouble with his eyesight. The doc said it wasn't bad enough to need correction, but to be watching for any struggling. After his doctor appt we went to lunch at The Spaghetti Factory and got to sit on the trolley and then to Toy's R Us to use his gift card he got in the mail. He chose a monster truck and was very happy!
He is a great kid and is really living up to his big boy status!

Grant and Collin gave him a new wheelbarrow and a watering can that he has wanted for a long time.

We gave him this really cool pirate ship. We love to hear him saying things in pirate talk!

Singing time! Grant really wanted a candle too- I guess it will be a regular thing for everyone to have a candle!

Here's Urban the Transformer and Scotty the Storm Trooper. Scotty: "I like to call my costume Star Wars, but you can call it whatever you want."

Logan and Brock


Miles (our neighbor and friend) and Ethan are watching the flames. Miles made him a monster truck cake this year. It was going to be a fire truck cake until Scotty changed his mind 2 days before and really, really wanted a monster truck cake!

Grandpa Scott partying it up!

Scotty was a little scared to go up to Chuck E, but he eventually worked up the courage.

When he opened this from Grandma Geri he said "This is what I've been dreaming about!"

We were excited that Vivi and Reed were in town and were able to come. I didn't get a good picture of them though, dang it!

It was a really fun party. I love this boy so, so much!!