Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And so it begins...

First day of Kindergarten!!! Scotty is at school right now and I'm sitting here thinking how quiet it is here at home. Scotty has been really excited to go and today he was also feeling a little nervous and scared. We all took him to school and it was fun to watch all the kids waiting for their teacher, finding their desks and starting class. His teacher's name is Ms Johnson and she seems really nice. I just can't believe that he is this old already. I will miss him while he's at school, but I know that he is going to love school and do great!

All dressed up in his new school clothes.

New backpack.

Arriving at school.

Walking down the hall to his class. He remembered how to get there all on his own!

Waiting for Ms Johnson to come out.

Ms Johnson showed them "Lips and hips" to help them walk quietly.

Looking for his hook. Still with his finger on his lips! :-)

We found his desk and he was excited! I hope your first day of school is wonderful Scotty! We love you!!!


Mel said...

He looks sooo old!! Where is the pic of you bawling?