Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school dinner

We decided to have a fun dinner tonight to celebrate Scotty starting Kindergarten tomorrow. We let him choose the menu: Oh Boy! (a delicious casserole recipe from my Grandma Jackie), corn on the cob and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. We covered (most) of the table with paper and then decorated it. Remember that I am not creative AT ALL, so don't laugh at my drawings!! The boys loved it and were excited to add their own decorations to it. And it kept them entertained and away from my legs and feet while I finished dinner!

Those pictures there are of his teacher Ms Johnson sitting at her desk and Ms Johnson standing up!

While eating our dessert we had a FHE lesson about prayer and talked about being able to say a prayer anytime, anywhere. We wanted Scotty to remember that Heavenly Father is always with him, and especially to remember that when he's at school and away from us. He seemed to really like it and even practiced saying a prayer in his head! We're all set for the big day tomorrow!