Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Double Trouble

This impressive mess took these two only 5 unsupervised minutes:

What you can't see is that under the big pile of books is 4 sets of puzzle pieces, a big basket of small random toys, the rings from a ring stacker, a box of lacing beads and a bin of small cars and trucks all dumped out and scattered.

It took a lot longer than 5 minutes to clean up! These two little stinkers are keeping me on my toes. They watch each other and so Grant does stuff that he has grown out of doing because he sees Collin doing it, and Collin does stuff he wouldn't normally be doing yet but he watches Grant doing it. And the tantrums!! Oh boy, they can throw some doozies. And the fighting! And the screaming! And the messes! And the running! And the poopy diapers! Whew. I'm just glad that they are both napping for a couple hours during the day and have an early bedtime in the evening! Having 2 under 2 was hard, but I think this stage of having 2 toddlers is harder. I've heard that it gets much easier when the youngest turns I only have to survive 7 more months!!

On the upside- they are both still young and think that I'm the bee's knees! Grant still loves to snuggle and I get to snuggle him a lot during the day. Collin is really becoming interested in reading books and brings books over to me to read saying "Plop!". (I say "plop!" when they plop down in my lap.) They are starting to interact more and more with each other and that is really fun to watch. They wrestle with each other and give each other hugs and it is adorable. I'm a lucky Mommy, a frazzled Mommy, but a lucky one nonetheless!


Geri said...

Yes you are very lucky! They are wonderful little boys. I love them to death!!

Mel said...

You ARE the bee's knees!

I love how Collin appears to have finally found the very book he was searching for! And look at the cute way he is sitting!

Grant on the other hand totally looks like the instigator on this rampage!

Why don't you take and share a pic of what YOU look like after you've cleaned it all up?