Friday, December 17, 2010

Grant's chompers

Grant had his first trip to the dentist this week. I was not looking forward to the appointment. He did not want to go and when we would talk about it he would just say "No dentist." over and over. We got there and they have a fun train table and he had great time playing with it. When it was his turn to go he just sat there at the table saying no until the hygienest told him he could take a train with him- then he went willingly. After that everything went really well. He even did great during the x-rays and bit down on the things just fine. He didn't have any cavities and everything looks great. He was excited to pick a prize out of the treasure chest afterwards and then didn't want to leave! I was so proud of him!!

That kid can open his mouth really wide! I would giggle every time he would do that.

He was engrossed in the movie on the ceiling.

He's such a good boy!!


Melissa said...

It is encouraging to hear that his first trip to the dentist went so well. I am making that trek with Shane in January and have been feeling nervous about how he'll respond, while trying to not let him pick up on my feelings. I love Grant's haircut, it's super cool! :o)