Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Grant!

Today is Grant's 3rd birthday!!! He's been so cute waiting for this day- some days he is excited for his birthday and some days he doesn't care. Grant is such a great kid. He is fun, smart, loving, funny, energetic, determined and happy. He still loves to snuggle and I love that so much. We snuggle everyday after his nap and we both must have our snuggle time! He is a great brother and loves to play with both Scotty and Collin. He just finished his speech therapy and he has improved leaps and bounds with his speech. He progressed really fast and amazed the speech pathologist at every visit with what he had learned. He loves to play Mario Kart on our Wii. He is very good for a 3yr old! He loves his blankie, trains, Curious George, running through the house, riding his trike, candy, trucks, playing outside in the dirt, swinging, jumping on the tramp and being with his family. We love him so, so much!!! We hope you have a very happy birthday Buddy!

Here are some pictures from this past year.


Geri Lawrence said...

Yes we do love him so much. We will see him tonight to tell him happy birthday!

Melissa said...

Happy 3rd birthday to your December baby! My December baby will be 3 on the 15th. :o)