Saturday, December 4, 2010

Party time

Grant had a fun birthday. He woke up to this:
He was so excited about all the balloons. It was very cute- even him continually hitting me on the head with one at 7am!

He came out to the family room to this:
He was nice enough to pose for a picture before ripping into the presents.

He opened the smaller ones and was having so much fun playing with the Kid K'nex that he forgot all about the big present!

He soon remembered and was happy to find a bike under there. Everyone has been taking turns (some more willingly than others) riding the bike around the house until we can take it outside.

We had chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to him. Then we relit and reblew out the candles many, many times.

Since it was Friday we had his party that evening. He had a Mario Kart themed party and Miles came up with this fabulous cake:
This is the bullet from Mario Kart. Miles, as always, did an amazing job and Grant LOVED it! He loves turning into the bullet on Mario Kart.

Present time! I love how all the cousins and friends crowd around the birthday boy helping open gifts and trying to give their gift. Fun!

He loved looking at this cake and blowing out the candle...

...but he didn't want to eat any! Instead he played for along time having Yoshi walk around the cake and leave frosting footprints on the plate.

He likes to be Yoshi on Mario Kart so he'll hold up Yoshi and cry "Yoshi! Me!!!"

Did you know that you can only get Mario decorations online and they are very expensive? It's true. So we made our own.
Grant LOVED the banner. It had his 3 favorite Mario Kart things: Yoshi, the bullet and the fake box. He kept pointing to it naming letters and then he'd say Happy Birthday- he's so cute!!

I have to say that I think they're my favorite (and cheapest) decorations we've had so I think we'll be making our own from now on.

We're so glad that Grant had a fun birthday. We had a fun day with him and we think he's the best 3yr old around!


Melissa said...

Looks like a fun party! I love the chocolate chip muffin breakfast idea. :o)