Monday, February 28, 2011

Date Night Family Dinner

This year Miles and I are having a turn with each other for date night. When it is our week, which happens once a month, Grandma babysits and we go out. But last week we decided to do a family date night since Miles and I were going away that weekend. It's amazing how doing something different, yet simple, at dinner can make the kids so excited!

First, we covered the table in newsprint and let the kids color.

We also printed up a little menu. As you see, Scotty wanted popcorn, (he originally also wanted an apple until he saw it was green), rice, orange juice and an ice cream sundae. He was a little disappointed when we put the orange chicken and green beans on his plate anyway!

Urban wanted popcorn and water. Since he was our guest he got popcorn and water. My kids grumbled, but there are advantages to being a guest! We were happy that Urban was here with us.

Grant was excited and circled everything!

We really had a fun time. There was a lot more coloring going on than eating, but the ice cream sundae's insured nobody went to bed hungry!

Here's the aftermath. We learned that a 1yr old can make quite a mess with markers, sticky rice and ice cream!


Jodee said...

What fun parents you are! I need to copy all your fun ideas!!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! I think I'll have to try this with my kids:)

Mel said...

Where's the cute pic of you and Urban looking at each other in amazement?

FUN TIMES - Urban had a ball!!