Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More fun in the snow

We also had fun at the cabin going snowmobiling and sledding.

Getting ready.

Grant, of course, wasn't so sure about the snowmobile! But even though he was almost crying when he left, he ended up loving it. He even fell off and didn't seem to mind one bit!

Scotty has been before and loves it.

We went sledding out in the road right in front of the cabin. It's a great spot to sled. This was our only family trip down the hill- Collin didn't want to go again.

But he didn't like sitting in the snow watching us either!

He liked Grandpa's lap much better.

Miles, Grant, Scotty and I had a lot of fun sledding down over and over. With occasional breaks to eat some snow and have snowball fights!


john:and:aim said...

out in the freezing cold snow??? that does NOT look fun at all!!!! my kids used to love it, but I'm afraid they would be big wimps about the cold now!!!