Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ski day

Last weekend we went to my Dad's cabin in Alpine again. We had a really fun time. On Saturday Miles and my Dad took Scotty and Grant skiing at Jackson Hole. Scotty has been once when he was 3 and this was Grant's first time. They had a lot of fun and both did great. Grant was a little unsure at first, but once he got going he liked it. Scotty did really well. He picked it up quickly and really enjoyed it. 5yrs and under is free to ski on the two lifts by the bunny hills and that is always a nice bonus!

Poor Grant! He is a kid that cries at doing new things but quickly gets comfortable and has a good time. I know I can push him to do things that he says he doesn't want to do because 99% of the time he ends up loving it. Skiing was no exception.

They are so cute in their ski gear!

Getting towed up the mountain by Miles and my Dad.

It wasn't very long before Scotty was skiing all on his own and doing great.

He would put his hands on his knees and shush away!

Grant took a break to play in this hole. Miles said it had been calling to him for a few runs.

Having fun but getting tired.

Scotty and my Dad were the last ones to go up before they closed the lift. That's dedication!

Collin and I hung out at the cabin playing with all the fun toys, taking a nap, reading and playing outside in the snow. We had a fun day too!


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john:and:aim said...

how awesome!!! love that they get out and do these fun things :) and, go Grant :)

Mel said...
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Mel said...

Hi Scotty, we miss you!! Come skiing in Colorado!!!
I'll show you some ski tricks, like how to turn and slow down and my favorite - how to go FAST!!
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