Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Scotty is 6 today!! This past year has been a big year for Scotty. The biggest change was graduating from preschool and then starting Kindergarten. He also got glasses- which he loves. He has grown up so much. He is such a great big brother and has been so cute with his brothers this past year. He plays with them really well, helps them and they really look up to them. This past year Scotty discovered Star Wars and has become a big fan. He has made a best friend at school that shares Star Wars interest and it's so cute to watch them play together. He really loves building things with his Trio building blocks and making inventions. He's a very creative boy. He has done wonderfully at school and we're pretty sure he likes it even though he insists that he hates school! He is learning and growing so much and is a joy to have in our family. Happy Birthday Scotty!! We love you more than everything in the world!

Here are some pictures from the past year. It's always surprising to look back and really see how much they have grown in a year!

I love this picture. I looked outside and saw Scotty helping Grant put his sock on. He was being so sweet with Grant and I was so proud.