Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lightsabers and a helicopter

Miles and I went to St George last weekend to attend the Parade of Homes. We went with my Dad and the boys stayed home with Miles' parents. We always bring them a little surprise when we go away and they get so excited. This time we found Star Wars lightsabers that light up and have M&M's in the handle for Scotty and Grant. For Collin we bought a thing that has a sucker in the bottom of the handle and a helicopter on top that has lights on the blades and they spin around when you push the button. They all loved them and played with them for a long time. Miles got these cool shots of them playing.

I love how you can see each of their faces. Grant's is kind of hard to see but it's in there behind the blue.

Love Collin's in this one.

I also love that in each picture someone different is going crazy.

These boys are so much fun. I love them!!!


Jodee said...

Nice photography!!

Mike and Becca said...

oh my gosh, you are like the funnest mom ever. You always have somthing cute and creative you are doing with your boys. Way to be Lori!!! it must have come from the time we thought we could trick the elders by eating a potato.... pretending it was an apple... like they would think we were funny.... we were... but they didn't think so as much as we did. That must be where you got all your creativity!

Kati said...

sending fan love your way! great blog! thanks for sharing!