Monday, March 21, 2011

St George!

We were lucky to be able to spend the weekend in St George for the annual Utah Press Association Convention. My Dad's newspaper, Tooele Transcript Bulletin, took top honors this year at the awards ceremony. Yay! My boys should receive an award for the loudest guests in the hotel! We really had a good time.

We went to dinner at Priate Island. I think the boys were a little scared at first with the dark, spooky interior. But in the game room they had a cool pirate ship that they could climb and slide on and they loved that. They played some games, won some tickets, turned them in for prizes and left happy.
This is the best picture we could get of the three of them. It's nearing impossible to get one with all 3 looking, let alone smiling.

We hit the sand dunes which is always a fun time. Everyone loved it this year and we took home at least 10 pounds of sand in their pockets and shoes.

We had fun enjoying the day with Grandpa Scott, Aunt Stacie and cousin Ethan.

We also spent some time climbing on the rocks.
Grant did a great job climbing. He quickly figured out to slide down on his bum when it got tricky and wore holes in his pants with all the fun he was having.

Collin has no fear- at all. He's a crazy boy.

This didn't look as scary in person!

Scotty is a great climber too.

Collin was so happy to find his rock!

Grant was proud that he climbed all the way to the top.

We hit Dixie rock area before we left town for a little more climbing. It was getting cold but that only seemed to bother Mommy! We had an awesome weekend and the boys really want to go back!


Mike and Becca said...

ah playing in that sand looks fun. I'm headed to st george this weekend. too bad we missed each other. and i love the new background with the trucks!

Mel said...

Urban enjoyed looking at these pics and says it looks like you guys are on Mars!