Thursday, July 28, 2011

City of Rocks

Here is my belated post about our camping trip to City of Rocks in Idaho. We had a lot of fun. I was a bit worried about the trip considering I don't really like camping and we had never been camping as a family. Turns out I don't mind camping-- except the sleeping on the ground part. I don't think I'll ever come to like that!! (I may have uttered the words "I hate you" to Miles after a very sleepless night on the ground, but luckily he understands that I'm a little grumpy in the morning!) The boys loved every second of it. We were fortunate to have Miles' parents and nephew come with us. There are tons of rock climbing routes there and Scotty was able to do a couple. Miles also taught our nephew Reed to climb and he took right to it and loved it.

Our campsite had a huge rock in it and the boys were in heaven! Collin quickly found a little shortcut through the rock.

There was even a secret hideout in there.

We brought along Collin's personal assistant, aka Grandpa Steve.

And we brought Grandma Geri to be our personal photographer. She did her job well at over 900 photos!

We bought these little construction trucks and gave them to the boys and they spent hours and hours playing with them. Luckily there was not a shortage of dirt to push, dump or flatten.

Scotty climbing.

Scotty's collection of rocks and sticks stashed in the secret hideout.

We did a fun little hike and *tried* to get a family picture. Hopefully someday our boys will be able to hold still and look at a camera for more than .5 seconds!

Miles was able to go on a climb with some friends. They climbed the peak to the left of the big peak- 500 feet!

Miles' view from the top.

Reed and Scotty experimented with breaking rocks with rocks. They were trying to get in touch with their caveman instincts.

It was a beautiful place to camp with huge outcroppings of rock all over. The boys loved being able to climb to their heart's content. This was a favorite climbing spot for the boys. We lost a few pair of shorts and pants that were shredded from sliding on rocks, but that is a small price to pay for a fun filled family weekend! Grant was the winner with two pair of shredded items. He even shredded right through his diaper!

We can't wait to go again!


Geri Lawrence said...

We had a great time! Thanks for asking us to go!

Mel said...

AWWW!! I want Urban to learn to climb!!