Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Nothing says summer than practically giving yourself a brain aneurysm while blowing up the kiddie pool under the blazing hot sun.

But, see Grant's face?

And Collin's face?
Those faces make it all worth it! Even when the unknown hole in the pool requires repeated blow up sessions while two boys are splashing me like crazy!

They started out splashing high.

The tongues really made a difference.

They splashed low.

Then they decided to jump in to get really good splashes.

They also had some swimming sessions. They were swimming around and around the pool. Quite entertaining to watch!

A few days ago we turned on the sprinklers and the boys had fun playing in them. They especially loved the one right by the trampoline.

We love summer!!


Jodee said...

Great pics!!! So fun! What a good mom you are, sacrificing yourself for your kids and the blow up pool! ;)

Mel said...

I have a cure all for your brain aneurysm - install an in ground pool! We'll even move back for that!!

AND I know you had to look up the correct spelling for aneurysm, just as I did!! ;)