Monday, July 25, 2011

Potty update!

Grant is killing this potty training business. He has been doing so well. Today was his 7th day in a row accident free. Yep- he's awesome. He had a few accidents the day after training- they all happened in the bathroom while getting ready to go. He just had to figure out the timing. Then two days later he had another accident when he was playing outside, waited a bit too long to come in and didn't quite make it. But other than that he has been our dry pants kid! And he's so proud of himself. He feels like a big boy now and he wants to be a big boy all the time. Like when getting dressed and undressed, buckling his car seat, putting his shoes on, etc. If we dare to suggest that we help him (because we are in a hurry and can do it much faster ourself!) he yells "No! I do it myself! I a big boy!"

He even wants to drive now, but we're putting our foot down on that one. :-)


Geri Lawrence said...

There will be no controlling him now! He is all grown up in his mind!!

john:and:aim said...

Awwww! That is so cool :) I hate that he's so grown up. I wish we could do a freeze frame from when he was a baby and you came to visit us in Maricopa! But, wait... then we wouldn't have Collin around!!!!! Doesn't it just make your heart full when you see how proud they are of themselves?!

Mel said...

YAY Grant!!