Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Grade!

Scotty had his first day of first grade yesterday. He was excited to go and a little nervous too. After we dropped the girls off that we carpool with after school, he said "Mommy, you haven't heard about my first day yet!" He couldn't wait to tell me all about it. He said he had a great day and likes first grade. His teacher is nice and they read lots of stories and had lunch and had 3 recesses!! I was so happy that he had a good day.

Here he is looking very handsome in his school clothes.

Rubbing his eyes. I just thought this picture was cute for some reason!

And this picture is just hilarious!! It looks like the little boys are celebrating Scotty going back to school and Scotty is mourning going back to school! What actually happened is that they wanted to be in Scotty's pictures and he didn't want them to.

And this is how the little ones entertained themselves without big brother around. The couch is the garbage truck and they took all the books and toys from our cubbie shelf and put it all in the garbage truck! At least they cleaned up about half of it themselves. I think they kind of like not having Scotty around to dictate all the playing! But at lunch time I pointed out that it was a little strange not having Scotty here and Grant said in a sad voice "Oh! There's only 2 brothers now!"


Amanda said...

So glad he had a good first day!!

Sharon said...

What a great picture of Scotty!! I hope that your week is getting better. Miss you guys!