Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'm a Soccer Mom! (Good thing I already have the minivan!) Scotty is playing soccer for the first time this year. We weren't sure how he'd like it since all invitations to play with Miles in the backyard were quickly dismissed. But after the first practice he said that he loved it. Yay!! Each game he plays he is getting more aggressive and learning more and more. He enjoys it and we enjoy watching him. Grant and Collin enjoy being crazy on the sidelines and driving Mom crazy!!

His first practice.

He did really well dribbling for his first time.

Grant and Collin kept themselves entertained by climbing all over Daddy and putting grass on Daddy's head. Mommy has declared her head a no grass zone!

And this worm brought lots of entertainment too.

This is his first game. Scotty is purple #2. When he came over for his first drink break he said "There's a lot of running!" Ha ha!!

Kicking the ball into play.

His first game was against his cousin Ethan's team. Ethan is #2 too!! Scotty is getting himself focused on the ball!

Grant and Collin kept us all entertained on the sidelines of the game!

This is his second game. He was really trying to get in there and get the ball.

Leading the pack!

Besides roasting in record breaking heat, soccer has been a great experience so far!


Amanda said...

I just love watching little kids play soccer! Ethan played this summer and it was quite entertaining.

Mel said...

I love Scott's focusing technique - I'll have to give it a try!