Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at

Today I remembered last minute about Muffin Tin Monday. Grant and Collin were so excited to use our little bear muffin cups. It's so fun to see how happy this little thing makes them. It was also our first Muffin Tin Monday without Scotty, so that was a bit sad. Grant even put a muffin cup at Scotty's spot because he forgot that he's at school. They happily ate and asked for refill after refill after refill!

Mandarin oranges, mac & cheese and pes

Grant is showing his displeasure at having a piece of macaroni on his sleeve.

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john:and:aim said...

Mmmmmm! Mac & Cheese! Grant is soooo funny :) Love these boys!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks yummy! I was great to see you on the link up!

SnoopyGirl said...

Looks good. Love the bear cups!

Jodee said...

Ok, you really have to share where you get all your cute muffin cups!! I LOVE your new family pics! They look great! We had our first muffin tin lunch the other day! Miles loved it! It was not nearly as creative as your though:)