Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a really fun Christmas this year. We celebrated on Christmas Eve with the Lawrence's, spent Christmas day at home together and went to church, then we celebrated with the Dunn's on the day after Christmas. Everyone had fun and we have some great memories.

These faces are awesome!!

Gotta love the big mess pictures!

Grant was excited about his big, metal dump truck.

Collin loved his truck with a "skeamroller and a bobcat on it".

And Scotty was ecstatic about his recording night vision goggles. They are really cool!

Grant used his dump truck to clean up garbage.

They have had a lot of fun with this fire truck.

Scotty was super excited about all the gifts he received. He was also excited about everyone else's gifts!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!