Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

We are having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas this year. The boys love counting down the days and eating their candy from the advent calendar every day. They are having fun coming up with ideas for homemade gifts they can make for their cousins. Last Saturday Miles, Scotty, my Dad and I went to a local production of The Nutcracker. And then Miles' parents kindly had the boys sleep over so Miles and I could finish up our Christmas shopping. Monday night we got our Christmas tree and then went to the Transcript Christmas party. That is always a good time. Then tonight we put up and decorated the tree. It's fun that Scotty is now old enough to remember his favorite decorations from years past. Grant and Collin were excited to see things that are new to them. We read the story of Jesus' birth tonight before bed. I love the Christmas season!

We saw Santa at Grant's preschool open house. They were all excited, but nervous when they actually got to the big guy. Grant had said he didn't want to sit on his lap, but he ended up being ok with it. We got to see him again at the Transcript party. Collin walks right up to him and starts telling him what he wants- no waiting until he's asked!

We thought this was so cute that they just sat there watching Santa!

This was while we were picking out our tree. Collin loved sticking his head in there and did it over and over and over.

It was Collin's turn to put the star on the tree this year. We have good boys- the other two were a little sad that they didn't get to do it but they were excited for Collin anyway.

Putting the ornaments on. Mostly on the bottom!

All done!

After we were done decorating the tree we danced to Christmas music. The favorite song was Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!