Friday, December 9, 2011


Since Grant's birthday was on a Saturday he had his birthday party the same day, so it was a full day of celebrations.

He started off the day waking up to balloons on the floor. He and Scotty slept downstairs that night so he was really surprised to see the balloons down there in the morning.

Then he opened his presents from us and his brothers. I love his happy face in this picture.

Daddy helped him put together his racetrack and they had fun racing the car that goes with the track and also his new Mario car.

We had pancakes for breakfast, sang and he blew out his candles. Mario participated too!

He had a fun party with all the family. His grandparents were very kind to give him two gifts he really wanted- a big Mater and a blue camera. It had to be a blue one! Here he is taking a picture of Mater with his camera.

Miles made him a Mario cake. It was awesome, as always.

Grant put the candle right on Mario's nose! When we took it off it left two little spots and looked like a pig nose.

Gotta love licking the candle!

Birthday Boy! It's hard to believe he is 4 years old.

You can't see the banner very well, but we were able to use the same file I made last year for his banner and swap out the Yoshi pictures for Mario pictures. Score!

I got a new idea from my carpool partner to hang some crepe paper in the entrance to the hallway. The boys loved it and called it the car wash. One week later it's still hanging up with only 3 of the streamers being torn down. Not bad!

After his party all the Lawrence's went to see The Muppet Movie, which was really fun. Then we went to his favorite place for dinner- McDonald's! It was a really fun day and it was great to watch Grant feeling special and enjoying every minute of being the birthday boy.


Jodee said...

What a fun day! So does Miles hire out to make cakes!? Tell him I will be placing my order next November and December!