Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Date night - yay or nay?

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary.  Those years have been wonderful and we are still very much in love and happy.  Our anniversary celebrations are a bit harder now that we have kids.  Although we are continuing our tradition of going out to dinner on the 19th and then going away somewhere for Memorial Day weekend, we have to arrange for babysitting- for a whole weekend, no less.  We are lucky to have great family and have had no trouble finding willing family members to help.

Last night my sister in law was happy to watch the boys while we went out to dinner.  We decided to stay in town so we wouldn't be too late to get them home and into bed.  We ended up leaving later due to helping out a neighbor and when we got to her house she offered to come over to our house after the boys were in bed so we wouldn't be rushed.  What a nice offer, but I figured that we were already there and we wouldn't be very long.  We went to dinner and commented frequently how nice it was to be alone together and not have to take care of kids.  It was a really good time.  (Only the 2nd or 3rd time we have been out together since starting on the basement in September!!)  Then we got back to my sister in law's and we ended up staying and chatting for a long time.  It was nice to be able to talk with other adults, enjoy the mild weather and watch all the kids playing together in the yard.  We didn't get home until 9pm- two hours past bedtime.  Remember that kind offer my sister in law made?  I SO should have taken her up on it!!  Today was not a good day.  Scotty was so grumpy.  He just does not deal well with missed sleep.  I keep thinking that as he gets older it will get better and he won't have these problems with staying up a little later, but it is not getting any easier.  And, of course, I had my visiting teachers come over first thing in the morning.  I had to keep apologizing as I excused myself to take Scotty to his room after he yelled at one of their little boys and then apologize about the screaming coming from down the hall!  A little embarrassing even though they kept assuring me that they understand and the same things happen at their houses.  It was a hard lesson to learn that being able to go out for a nice dinner may not be worth the tantrums and hard times the next day.  
Hmmm.....I guess we could hire a teenage babysitter to come here and put the kids to bed....but we are way too cheap for that!!  After paying the babysitter we wouldn't have any $$ left to do anything!  I keep reminding myself that they will grow up and things like this will get easier.  And when that time comes I'm sure I'll be boobing about missing all the cute things about this age!


john - and - aim said...

You know what? No matter what happens the next day, or how crabby the kids are, it is always a good thing to get out with your "sweetie" and be ALONE!! And when you're out together, you shouldn't talk about the kids, NO MATTER WHAT - just remember that they are going to be "devils" the following day - you need to be happy and in a good mood to deal with them :o) Just a tidbit of advice from "one who knows"!!
I love you guys!