Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Play time fun

We've had some fun play times recently.  Scotty has finally mastered the play areas at McDonald's and Carl's Jr so he loves to go there.  He runs over and takes a bite of food, chews and swallows- following direct orders from Mommy and Daddy- then he's off to climb and play until he wants to come back for another bite.  And the last few times we've gone he has been interacting with other kids- even initiating conversation.  We looked at each other and asked who this kid is!  He's growing up and it's so fun to watch.  And when it's time to leave he goes nicely- yeah Scotty!!

Someday you'll be able to eat yummy chicken nuggets and play on the fun slides too Grant!

Here's Scotty waiting for the other kids that he's playing with to come down the slide.  

Coming down the slide backwards- an exciting first!!

Stopping for a quick Sprite break!

Last Saturday the weather was so nice and we went to the park.  Scotty had a great time and especially so when his cousin came- he's much more fun to play with than Mommy is!  Grant had a good time hanging out in the stroller and with Mommy in the shade.  It was a BEAUTIFUL and fun day.

This was actually Grant's first time in this stroller and he really enjoyed it.

Scotty's favorite part of the playground!  He's driving forklifts- in case you're wondering!


john - and - aim said...

I knew it! I so knew he was driving forklifts!! You can just tell, with all that concentration you know... The boys are so big now, I can't believe how social Scotty is getting - he is just like Miles and will always be able to make friends easily! And snag cute girls: you'd better watch out! I miss them, dangit!