Monday, May 5, 2008


At church yesterday I noticed Scotty dancing around and had Miles take him to the bathroom.  Then a little while later Scotty tells Miles he has to go to the potty so Miles takes him and, surprise, surprise, he doesn't have to go!  He has figured out that he can have a break from church by telling us he has to go to the potty.  Kids!!  I wonder how many times he'll use this little trick.  I can just see it now:  he'll do it a few times so we'll stop taking him and then he'll wet his pants to teach us a lesson!  

We started Grant on rice cereal and he loves it.  He didn't have any trouble with the spoon and he eats a huge bowl of it.  I have trouble getting the consistency right so I always end up adding more and more until I have a huge amount.  I then think that he'll never eat that much and then he always eats it all up!  By the 2nd time eating it he was opening his mouth for the spoon- what a little smartie!