Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I was sitting in the office working on the computer when Scotty comes in and asks me where his little scissors are.  He said he has been looking for them and can't find them.  I tell him that he can only use his scissors when I can help him and he'll have to wait.  So a little while later he comes in and says "Let's go make your bed Mommy!  Come on, come on, let's go make your bed.  Get out of the office and make your bed Mommy!"  I think it's so cute that he wants to help me make my bed, so I go out and head into my room.  He quickly runs out and I don't see him again- guessing that he changed his mind and didn't want to help anymore, I make my bed without him and head back into the office.  A few minutes later I hear strange sounds from the family room and as I'm heading to investigate I hear paper ripping.  I come into the room to find him ripping up pieces of paper and sitting on the floor next to him are the little scissors that are on the desk in the office!  He had masterminded a great plan:  Get Mommy out of the office and occupied making her bed long enough for him to sneak into the office, get the little scissors down and take them out to the family room and go crazy!  He's already sneaking around and devising plans to do things behind my back??  At 3 years old???  Oh man- I do not look forward to the teenage years!!  

I will admit that I was a little proud though!  That takes great thinking.  Now we'll just have to channel that great thinking into doing good!


Country family said...

LOL!! That is so cute! I can't believe Scotty & Jordyn are 3 yrs. old, seems like just yesterday we were having our baby showers together:-)

Lori said...

The time does fly by, doesn't it? Sometimes I miss the good old days of being pregnant, pampered and getting lots of gifts!!