Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another first day of preschool!

Tuesday was Scotty's first day of preschool. He did the summer class thing, but this was his first day of real preschool. He was excited, but he got nervous as we drove up to Ms. Crystal's house. He wanted us to stay with him and I told him that Mommies and Daddies don't go to preschool and he wanted to know where we go. Home to celebrate and revel in the quiet didn't seem an appropriate answer, so I just said that they go home! He has a few friends in his class that he knows- his cousin Urban, friend Mekhi, a friend Alaura and a few kids from his summer class. He was excited when Urban and Mekhi got there and sat down by him and happily waved goodbye to us!
We went to the open house and he got a homework calendar. He needs to do 10 minutes of homework every weeknight and put a sticker on his chart. When the chart is full he takes it back and gets a surprise. He was very excited about homework. Although, 10 minutes is a long time for Scotty, so we break things up and that seems to work well. He got two laminated tracing pages, one of the alphabet and one of his name and he loves them! He was so excited to practice on them and has been excited to do it everyday since. We started homework on Sep 1st which was the day before school started and he sat and did the tracing for 10 minutes. We were very impressed!

Excited to go back to school!

Jumping on the cowboy boots along the pathway.

He told us afterwards that he made green pancakes.

Scotty, Mekhi and Urban.

Here's his tracing pages - I think it's so cute! He's so proud of them and hasn't let me wipe them off to start over yet! I, obviously, helped him with the A and B and then he did everything else himself. So cute. You can click on the picture to really see his hard work.