Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grant's amazing haircut!

Grant had his first haircut last week. He keeps impressing us by being an amazing baby! He did not cry during his haircut - AT ALL!! Not a fuss, wail, whimper or scream- nothing. We couldn't believe it! He just sat there looking around and playing with the comb and clip that she gave him to hold. He entertained himself for a little while thrashing his arms around underneath the cape making it fly- that was pretty funny. Our hairdresser, Brenda, said he'll go down in history as the easiest baby haircut ever! What a great boy!


...and after!

He even let us push his head down without even a whimper!

Angel face!

He had a very serious look the whole time.

Scotty was after Grant. He loves to hold this brush and brush the hair off of the cape as it falls!


john - and - aim said...

Uh, I beg to differ! MY KIDS were the easiest baby haircuts EVER!! Brenda only cut Kaish, Keri & Kam but they were all good - no cries or squirms, just sitting there so still and quiet! It was totally a miracle, especially Kam :o) I love Gran'ts new do... He looks like a "little boy" now, not a baby. So sad :o(

Jon, Cyndi, and Kiddies! said...

I Love the new do!! You're lookin' good little Grant!