Friday, September 12, 2008


We're all sick today.  Well, Miles isn't feeling too bad and he's off in SLC working.  That leaves me, Scotty and Grant here to be sick together.  Scotty woke up last night crying and coughing.  When we went in to check on him he was having a hard time breathing and was coughing a lot.  We got the humidifier in there and he slept the rest of the night.  He is much better today, but he's still coughing, stuffy and runny.  Grant has had a runny nose for a few days now.  He slept until 9am, then took a 2 hour morning nap and he is sleeping right now for his afternoon nap.  His body knows what to do when it's sick!  Scotty only slept an hour for his nap and Grant was awake during that time, so there goes my nap time!  I really don't feel good- stuffy head, sore throat- all that fun stuff.  I wish I could just sleep the afternoon away.  But, alas, Scotty is calling me with a toy truck emergency, so I'll put my nap dreams on hold for now!


john - and - aim said...

Oh, I hope you guys get feeling better soon. It's never fun when the kids get sick, but to be sick yourself... Awful!

Melissa said...

ewwww! Hope you get better soon so we can play! Mel and Urban