Friday, September 19, 2008

Two nights in a row!

I feel very lucky to have two nights in a row this week to do something fun.  Last night all the girls got together for Geri's birthday.  She chose to get together at her house, bring dinner in and play games.  We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun.  There was plenty of Diet Coke and even some chocolate cupcakes!  It was nice to relax and laugh with the girls.

Tonight we're blessed to have Mel coming over to watch the kids while we go to the temple.  We were even on the ball and got in to get our recommends renewed!  It will be nice to have some spiritual uplifting and spend some time with Miles.  Right now I'm cooking dinner for these guys at home tonight so that all Mel has to do is warm it up.  It's not easy to cook dinner when you are by yourself with my kids.  Grant is always needy at that time and Scotty is wanting to "help" which really is not any help at all!  While they are eating warmed up spaghetti, we will be enjoying Pei Wei - oh Mel, I hope you know how much we appreciate you!!  We do have plenty of Diet Coke chilling in the fridge just for you!