Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny things they say!

My Dad recently told me of this funny thing Scotty said while we were on our last trip to the cabin. He took Scotty into the bathroom and there was a line (for the men's room, weird!!) but there was a stall open so he took him in there. Scotty did his business and then Grandpa decided he should do his business too. All of a sudden Scotty yells out "Grandpa, you have to get it in the water!" Grandpa hears all of the waiting men outside the door chuckling. He left red faced but chuckling too!

Miles took Scotty to the grocery store one day and as they came into the produce section there was an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat standing there. Scotty yells out "Look Daddy- there's a farmer!"

Recently I threw something away that Scotty had been playing with. I was brushing my teeth and Scotty came in holding up the things and says "Look at this. Who threw these away?" It was just like what an adult would say to a child when the adult already knew who the culprit was! I sheepishly raised my hand and made a mental note to do a better job of covering stuff up in the garbage!