Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where does the time go?

Grant will be 1 on Wednesday. I'm at the halfway point for this pregnancy. Yikes!!!
We, well Miles, spent the holiday weekend doing projects around the house. It's great to be getting this stuff done before this baby comes- unlike with Grant where we were in total chaos for months! Miles and his brother Nate put up a closet organizer in Grant's closet, which will also be the baby's closet. It's so nice and has added tons of storage space for us. Someday we'll do one in Scotty's closet too. Thanks Miles!!


john - and - aim said...

Was fun to see you guys! We miss you already. Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow - I'll be waiting by the phone :o) Grant really CAN'T be turning 1 - wasn't he born just yesterday???

Mel said...

Urban suggested 'Movie Star' for his name. Nate and I like Thurl.