Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here are a few fun pictures from our Halloween. We're all still on a candy high! Actually, Scotty doesn't really eat that much candy. He loves Kit Kats and has eaten quite a few of those and he loves lollipops, but otherwise he doesn't seem to like much else. He likes to take a little bite of a few different candies and then leave the rest laying around for Mommy to discover and throw away. He has more fun playing with the candy- like pretending it is pancake batter and mixing it with the mixer! Mommy has shared some chocolate with Grant and he loved it!

Here's Frankenstein hanging out at the Transcript.

Carving pumpkins. Scotty had a good time this year, Grant was more interested in playing with the mixer and sink!

Even Monsters have to eat!

Scotty standing next to our inspiration- the "grabber forklift" at the Transcript.

Grandpa Scott and Scotty parking the forklift after moving some paper rolls around.

Watch out for Scotty!

Here is Scotty's awesome forklift costume all alone on Halloween night after Scotty didn't want to wear it trick-or-treating!

This is the house on our block that goes all out decorating with tons of stuff. He loved to look out his window at night to see it.

Our finished jack-o-lanterns.

Ready to go trick-or-treating.


john - and - aim said...

fun fun fun! I loooove Scotty's costume - you guys are so talented! Wish we could have been there to trick-or-treat with you. Tell the boys how much we love them and thought they looked so awesome :o)

The Zen Chemist said...

I wish I could have been there to see their cute costumes.

Mel said...

Too funny that Scotty didn't want to wear his costume on Halloween night. Did Miles feel bad and secretly put it on after you all had gone to bed?