Friday, November 14, 2008

Trauma and drama

Today started out like a nice, normal day. But then I decided that today was the day the boys needed to get their flu shots. I called the pediatrician and they said they had a few flu mist doses left, so I made an appt for an hour later. I got there right on time and then sat down to wait. And then I waited some more. And waited some more. And waited even more. It got progressively warmer and warmer in the waiting room. Grant was climbing all over me. Scotty started arguing with a little girl over a book. And did I mention how warm it was in there??? Finally someone called me, so I went to the counter to have her tell me that I needed to fill out a vaccine questionnaire for each boy and tons of new patient papers for Grant and that they will be calling me in soon and I could just finish the paperwork in there. So I sat back down and was furiously writing trying to finish the papers before they called us. No such luck. They called us and so I had to juggle 3 jackets, the diaper bag, the dumb clipboard, pick up and carry Grant and then help Scotty take his shoes off to get on the scale. After all that was done they inform me that they are all out of the flu mist! So Scotty had to get the shot and he was not happy about it. He cried and then kept saying that it hurt even as we were leaving- not to go home but back to the waiting room to finish the dumb paperwork!! We finally left there an HOUR later. All the way home and at home Scotty is being a huge drama king about his leg hurting. I gave him some Motrin and some ice cream hoping one of them would help cheer him up quickly! Then I put Grant onto the kitchen counter to give him some Motrin. Then the bad mommy moment- I turned to the sink to rinse out the medicine squirter thing while keeping my eyes on him, until I turned for 3 seconds to pull it apart and turned back to see Grant falling off the counter backwards. I screamed and reached out breaking his fall so he didn't land very hard and I was able to catch his head when he fell backwards preventing a hard crack on the floor. He cried and cried on my shoulder for so long and I felt terrible! When he calmed down a little and lifted his head I saw a little blood on my shoulder. A quick inspection found two little teeth marks in his tongue. Waaaaahhhh!!!! Now I felt REALLY bad!! That hurts so much! I gave him some ice cream because that is what I would want to make my tongue feel better and it did a great job! After that he was happy, luckily, but Scotty was still walking around stiff legged complaining. Our saving grace there was that cousin Urban came over to play and Scotty then quickly forgot about his poor, sore leg.
After that trying morning I was resting during nap/rest time and Miles called to inform me that the car wouldn't start and he was stuck at a client's office in SLC. He finally found someone to give him a jump and he called to say he was on his way back to Tooele to get a new battery but he was really low on gas and couldn't stop for gas because he couldn't turn the car off! I told him to call if he ran out of gas and hoped for the best. Then he called and needed me to forward an email for him but the internet wasn't working and his cell phone battery was dying so we couldn't stay on the phone long enough to figure out the problem! Luckily he made it back to town and got the new battery. But all this made him late for his Scout campout so we were running around frantically packing his stuff, making his tin foil dinner and fixing the internet problem.
What a day. I'm glad things went smoothly for me tonight after Miles left. The boys are sleeping peacefully and I'm ready for some chocolate!


The Zen Chemist said...

Oh Lori I feel for you. It always seems like once trouble starts it just keeps coming. I hope the chocolate made everything better.