Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town!

I wanted to share a couple pictures of the kids with Santa. Scotty was excited to see Santa this year. The first time we saw him was at his little preschool party. (Which was outside and freezing cold!!) He ran right up to him, got on his lap and answered his questions- all without looking directly at his face! We put Grant on his lap and he started to cry but then got distracted by his cool beard. We saw him again at the TBP company party and both kids did the same thing. They're so cute! We are all excited for Christmas. We got our real tree and put it up. Scotty managed to hang about 10 ornaments on one branch! It's snowing like crazy outside right now and we made sugar cookies this morning, so it's really feeling like Christmas!

Here's Scotty with Santa at his preschool party.

Grant wanted to take the candy cane, but he was too bundled up to move his arms!

Here they are together at the TBP party- they look like they are bored!

Even though you can't tell by looking at the kids- we all had fun at the TBP party! Grant was tired by this point and Scotty had just gotten hit in the face with a basketball. But a fun time nevertheless!