Monday, December 1, 2008


It's another boy!! We're excited. We actually talked ourselves into thinking it might be a girl, but those strong Lawrence boy genes won out again. Scotty has always been sure it's a girl and he really wanted it to be a girl too. When we told him it is a boy he said that he doesn't like boys, he only likes girls! Now on to our most dreaded task- choosing a name!


Geri said...

If you say so. I don't see much that tell me on that picture. But we are excited no matter what. Scotty seemed excited when he told me. That was so cute. To quote Scotty "It's a boy" grandma "are you going to have a new brother" scotty "no, it's a baby, bye" and then he is gone. No more talking. He is so cute.
Grandma Geri

john - and - aim said...

I agree with Geri: we want to see some "proof" here! Kam & Kenners wanted to know HOW you can tell from an ultrasound picture. I explained and they laughed and laughed! I told Kam that he was easy to tell, and now he's embarrased :o)

Very cute background, by-the-way!!