Monday, December 29, 2008


Aargh- I want to post pictures from our Christmas, but Blogger won't let me upload any! Is it just me, or do you have problems uploading pictures? Oh well. I'll try again later.
Our Christmas was a lot of fun. Santa came and brought Grant a fun gumball machine toy, Scotty a car carrier semi truck and the Wall*E movie for the family. Grant loves putting the gumballs in the machine and Scotty even loves to play with it too! Scotty was really excited to get this big truck. He calls it a car hauler and would only ask Santa for that. He has been wanting one really bad ever since his cousin Ethan got one for his birthday, so we were glad that Santa was able to bring one for him. Miles and I gave Grant a toy that you put the balls on the top and them hammer them into the little maze and we gave Scotty a toy chainsaw. After he opened the chainsaw he used it to open the rest of the presents! Scotty had fun going to the store to buy Miles and me presents. He bought Daddy a new snow shovel and Mommy a new hair dryer- it was cute! And he bought Grant a Pooh Bear spinning top. I'm sure Grant was totally confused by the happenings of the day! He wouldn't touch any of the wrapping paper to help unwrap, but he really loved playing with the new toys.
It was a really fun day. We started off the day reading the story of Christ's birth and having family prayer. Scotty was excited to say the prayer and said that he is thankful for Jesus and for Christmas to celebrate his "earth"!