Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last summer splash

We went swimming for the last time right before Labor Day before the pool closed. It was sad! We love to go swimming. We weren't able to go too many times this year since Collin has joined us. Next year we should be able to go lots. I just realized tonight that I'm in denial that summer is over! I don't want summer to end and freezing cold temperatures to come and trap us in our house. And just thinking about taking all 3 of my kids out somewhere in the cold and snow makes me dread it. We'll have to really enjoy the nice fall weather while it lasts.

But, back to swimming! Grant loves to jump off the side- which means he leans down until you grab him and put him in the water. This day he saw Scotty running to jump in and decided that looked fun, so he would run to the side, stop and lean down for Miles to get him. He would also yell as he ran. It was so cute and funny! I'll post the little video we got of him doing it. Grandma Geri was nice enough to watch Collin while the rest of us swam and got some fun pictures for us.

Scotty is getting better every time about getting his head and face in the water. This day he brought his construction goggles to wear in the pool! They didn't work very well but he loved them anyway.

Here's Grant getting ready to jump in.

All the excitement was just too much for Collin!

Here's the video of Grant. He's so stinking cute!!


Geri said...

This is sooo fun even though I was there to see it! It makes me laugh every time I see it.
Grandma Geri

Mel said...

I love the war cry he lets out as he trots to the edge!