Sunday, September 6, 2009

Park City

We had a great time on our trip to Park City. We stayed at the Westgate Resort at The Canyons and it was nice. We made it through the timeshare presentation with very minimal pressure from the sales guy! I think he wanted to get us and our kids on our way quickly. They have a fun pool that has really wide steps that the kids loved. They were able to walk and play on the step and had lots of fun. We spent some time playing in the arcade, exploring the hotel grounds, playing on the playground and having a snack next to the waterfalls. We went up the to Alpine Slide and Scotty and I went on the slide while Daddy, Grant and Collin waited for us at the bottom. Scotty loved the Alpine Slide. He was laughing and screaming the whole way down and asked to go again before we had even come to a stop. I have loved the Alpine Slide since I was little and it's fun to be sharing that enjoyment with Scotty. I can't wait until Grant is old enough because I'm sure he'll really like it. We went shopping at the outlet stores and that was an adventure! We were in the store and it is overstuffed in there- you barely have room to walk in between the clothes racks. So we're squeezing through having Scotty try pants on, trying to calm a fussy Collin and keep an eye on Grant as he runs around the store like a crazy child! We left there a little bit frazzled and decided that Mommy would go into the next store alone for the one item we needed! It was a great little get away. We were able to keep the kid's early bedtime and we came in during the afternoon for everyone to take a nap, so everyone was well rested and happy. The kids loved being at the hotel- especially playing with the cool phones that have cords! We had lots of "Are we there yet?" on the hour drive up there, so we are planning to answer that at least a million times when we drive to Arizona next month! While walking up to the Alpine Slide I was giving Scotty a piggy-back ride. He kept asking if we were there yet and if that was it. Finally one time when he asked I said to him "Scotty, please don't ask that anymore." and a lady that was walking by burst out laughing! We laughed also and I told Miles that if I heard someone say that I would have laughed too. It was a great trip. We love our boys!

Scotty and Grant eating breakfast. We had a little kitchen so it was nice to be able to eat breakfast in and they loved the little tables.

Grant is excited to get in the pool!

Playing on the nice, wide step. Scotty wants every pool to have big steps like this!

Swimming makes Scotty very hungry so he took lots of snack breaks.

"Driving" at the arcade. They could have spent a long time in there pretending to play.

Mommy and her boys in front of the waterfalls.

Getting ready for bed.

Here's Grant carrying his floaty thingy- he was very proud of himself!

Daddy, Grant and Collin hanging out waiting for Mommy and Scotty at the bottom of the Alpine Slide.

Getting ready to go!

While waiting for our lunch Grant wandered away and then did this! He's pretty goofy and got lots of smiles from people walking by!

And this is what we had when we pulled into our driveway- a sign that it was a good trip!