Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

The theme this week for Muffin Tin Monday is apples. Scotty has preschool on Monday so I think I'm going to have to do Muffin Tin Monday on Tuesday from now on. When I told Scotty that the theme was apples his eyes lit up and he ran over to the cupboard to get out the apple shaped muffin tin. He was so excited to use them- it was cute!

Excited boys!

For our tins I decided to try some different things to dip our apples in. The boys love apples but have never dipped them in anything. We had peanut butter, yogurt and melted chocolate. Neither one liked any of the dips! Scotty was a good sport and tried all three and then declared that he only likes to dip his apples in ranch dressing- yuck! I enjoyed dipping in their cast off dips!

Mmmmm....Ranch is heavenly! He asked me if I wanted to try and I really didn't, but since he was so good and tried all the dips I decided that I better be a good example and try too! It wasn't too bad, but not very good either.

With the leftover apples I decided to try the apple stamping project. They thought it was pretty cool and there was lots of jokes about eating the paint covered apples! We started with cute apples stamps and then moved on to this:

It was a fun Muffin Tin Monday theme. Be sure to stop by Her Cup Overfloweth to see her super cute apple tree!


Chasing the Goose said...

I LOVE that tin, I never thought to look for an apple shaped tin. Great tin and cute kids.

Cedar City Crew said...

I am thinking that I should jump on the bandwagon and try this muffin tin idea. It looks so much fun for the kids!

Tiffany said...

The apple shaped tin is really cute! Great job!

My boys paintings would look the exact same. I just tell myself that they are having fun & that is what it is all about!

{ L } said...

That is so cute how excited he was!! By the way, your kids are adorable!! Love those pics in your sidebar.

Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth said...

oh.my.goodness. melted chocolate would be so yummy! I am craving it right now!

thanks so much for joining in over at muffin tin monday!