Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nap Trap

I read a post on Baby Bunching about being stuck at home all day because at least one baby or the other is napping. They called it the Nap Trap and I, too, love that term. I am right in the middle of the nap trap and it is kind of hard. Not too hard, mind you, since I don't really go anywhere, but if I wanted to the nap trap makes it difficult! Collin is not on a napping schedule yet. He can be awake for 1-2 hours and then sleeps for 1-3 hours and the time of the naps are different everyday. Some days I'm lucky and he will be sleeping for all or most of the time that Grant is napping, some days he's awake during Grant's nap. Those days are hard because that means no break for Mommy- and Mommy needs breaks! It will be much easier for me when Collin gets on a regular napping schedule and then I will at least know that for certain times each day all kids will be awake and I can plan outings for those times. For now we just wing it. Outings are usually a spur of the moment thing when Collin wakes up and it's not yet Grant's nap time. But when you add in that Collin has to be fed during his awake times that doesn't leave much time for outings. But, sleeping is a big priority in our house. Our kids are sensitive to to their sleep needs and Collin seems to be following that path too. We work and plan around naps to keep everyone well rested and happy. Someday when I'm running around all crazy taking this, that and the other boy to this, that and the other activity I might long for the days stuck at home with sleeping children. So I surrender to the nap trap and am glad that most days I don't even have to change out of my pj's!
Thought I'd share some pictures of the boys sleeping, because there is nothing sweeter than peacefully sleeping children!

Here's cute Grant- he's even got a nice drool spot!

We often find Scotty in funny positions like this!

And how sweet is Collin????


john:and:aim said...

How sweet and precious! Love sleeping babies :)

Lawwife said...

Scheduled naps are great when it can be accomplished by I've noticed that my younger ones nap when they can because I have to run my older kids to school, pick them up, games, dance, appts., etc. I looked forward to the days we weren't going anywhere so a real nap could be accomplished!

Nap Trap is an AWESOME name!

Mike and Becca said...

Oh man the nap thing is awesome for me right now. I feel a breath of fresh air when Ivan is napping! :) however I can see the trap coming when there is two. I have no idea how anyone leaves the house with more than one kid. I'm thinking ahead to trying to carry a car seat around with a new baby in it and also trying to direct a 2 yr old. makes me want to never leave the house. :) Cute boys. Kids are so sweet when they are asleep
love ya