Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas excitement

We're very excited for Christmas in our house! Scotty just moved the snowflake in our advent calendar and yelled out that there is only one more spot until Christmas and then he danced around excitedly. It is so fun. The kids had so much fun decorating our tree. The bottom is very heavy with ornaments! And as we put presents underneath it is almost too much for Scotty to wait to open them. Luckily Grant hasn't tried to open any of them. Collin has gotten over there a few times to play with presents, the power strip, pull on the lights, eat some needles and pull down an ornament or two. We got a Little People Nativity set and I have attempted to recreate Jesus' birth story with ends with the wise men being abducted by aliens and the animals running away to the robot's castle. At least I try, right?

Trying to be just like Daddy.

Scotty thought this was hilarious!

We had a few picnic lunches in front of the tree.

Scotty didn't look directly at Santa, but he wasn't shy about listing the things he wants!

Grant just stared at him. The next time we tried to get him to sit on Santa's lap, he just shook his head adamantly and ran away. Although he didn't have any problem going up to Mrs. Claus to get some candy!

Collin stared and stared and stared. So cute!

PS: My sister in law is still in the ICU and on the respirator. She had surgery yesterday and they removed 4 liters of pancreatic fluid and part of her pancreas that had died. They will be leaving the wound open and going in a few more times to see what is going on in there. Hopefully with all that pressure from the fluid gone she will be able to breathe better and her kidneys will start working again. Thanks everyone for your prayers.