Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lissa update

Lissa is still in the ICU and still on the respirator. She is off of her blood pressure meds and maintaining her blood pressure and it appears her pneumonia has cleared up. She has had dialysis three times and they have gotten a lot of fluid off of her. Now they are working on getting her off of the respirator. Hopefully she will be off of that soon. She had a very scary day with some heart problems which resulted in CPR and her heart being shocked, but no more episodes since then. She still isn't out of the woods but she has been taking some baby steps forward and we're hoping she'll just continue moving forward. Her boys are really missing her. They haven't seen her for over a week and it's very hard for them. I am so sad for them. Mark is being very strong for both Lissa and the boys. He is by Lissa's side everyday and also is sure to be there for the boys. He is a wonderful husband and father. Mark and Lissa will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this Friday.

This is an old picture- Brady is 2. But I love it because it really says a lot about Lissa and how much she loves her boys. They are very lucky to have her as their mom.
I am missing Logan, Brady and Brock! Grant and Collin are sick so I'm not watching Logan until they get better. I loved being able to watch him and the twins because it is the one thing I could do for Lissa, so I'm sad that I can't. Plus I have really come to enjoy having them around. They are cute, good, sweet boys. We'll continue to pray for Lissa.