Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a fun Christmas- we hope you did too!

We made this handprint wreath for the grandparents. I loved them so much I'm going to make one for us!

The best present of the year.

The stockings were hung... We have used that tiny one for all the boy's first Christmas.

The train table was a HUGE hit. They played on it all day and are going strong today.

Collin loves to bang so this was perfect for him to bang away and make music.

Scotty was extremely excited to get his Trio building blocks and to make the castle.

Grant could only use one hand to open presents because he wouldn't put the train down!

Collin loved the paper.

Buttermilk scones and homemade honey butter- a perfect ending to the morning.


Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by to wish Zachary a happy birthday! He has his big family and friends party on Friday. It looks like your boys love the train table, we did trains for Christmas too, once I figured out how to get the tracks together they had lots of fun:) I hope your sister in law continues to do better!

wendysue said...

THanks to your family we have those every Christmas morning too!!